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          2005 Annual Fall Tour of Historic Sites in Virginia  
       On Saturday, 24 September 2005, we enjoyed our annual autumn bus trip into the Virginia countryside.  This year our objective was Hanover County and Goochland County. The trip started with a visit to Scotchtown, the first home bought by Patrick Henry after becoming a successful lawyer.                            
Below:   Scotchtown

Hanover Tavern
       From there we went to Hanover Courthouse, where in the course of one hour's speaking in the sentencing phase of a trial since referred to as the "Parson's Cause", he launched his career in the public eye as the champion of the common man.          
      Lunch was enjoyed across the street from the Courthouse at the Hanover Tavern, a 1791 replacement for the earlier tavern where for a while young Patrick Henry had tended bar until ambition led him to train himself as a lawyer.
After lunch we visited Tuckahoe, a home of the Randolph family where Thomas Jefferson spent seven years in his youth and was tutored in the one room schoolhouse still there.


At Tuckahoe

   Photo by Charlie Okal
   Photo by Charlie Okal
Tuckahoe has been used in many movies about Colonial days, such as the movie shown at the Williamsburg Visitors' Center.
    Our final destination was Janeway, another fascinating home in Hanover County, built in 1868 by descendants of the Winston family, the family of Patrick Henry's mother.



   Photo by Charlie Okal

            Janeway  -- Patio in the back 
   Photo by Charlie Okal