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America's 400th 

Jamestown Rediscovery

Dr. William M. Kelso
with Beverly (Bly) Straube

Published in 2004

Copyright 2004 by the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities (APVA)

"Jamestown Rediscovery 1994-2004" documents the discoveries of APVA's Jamestown Rediscovery archaeological team. Through text and full-color images, it illustrates the rediscovery of James Fort and the treasures unearthed with it. Photographs and contextual reports allow the reader to learn about the artifacts and the story they tell about the first
permanent English settlement in America. This, the eighth in a series of updates,
summarizes the last three seasons of excavation as well as earlier digs.

217 pages, paperback, ISBN 0917565134, Association for the Preservation of Virginia

Dr. William M. Kelso is the Director of Archaeology for the APVA Jamestown Rediscovery archaeological project. 
Beverly A. (Bly) Straube is Curator for the APVA Jamestown Rediscovery project. 

The book is available from several sources:

  • The APVA Museum Store   store.apvastore.com      (not preceded by 'www')
  • The Virginia Historical Society Museum Shop, in Richmond, VA
  • The Freeman House Store and Museum, 131 Church Street NE, Vienna, VA 22180