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Map of the Chesapeake Bay
in John Smith's Time
in Memory of Past Governor
Henry Clinton Mackall

Henry Mackall

Presented to the National Jamestowne Society
by the
Washington & Northern Virginia Company
on May 15, 2010
(Presentation remarks appear below the map.)

  Chesapeake Bay in John Smith's Time

Presentation remarks by Betsy Smith, Governor of the Washington & Northern Virginia Company:

Henry Mackall was a governor of the Jamestowne Society.  He also was one of only a few governors the Washington and Northern Virginia Company has had since it was founded in 1959.

Henry was a highly respected attorney in the City of Fairfax, and deeply involved in many, many historical societies in Northern Virginia.  At the time of his death, he was Lieutenant Governor of the Washington and Northern Virginia Company. 

He was a proud graduate of the University of Virginia and was a Virginia Gentleman in the truest sense.

Henry's wise counsel is greatly missed.

As a tribute to Henry:
    The Washington and Northern Virginia Company presented the above National Geographic Map of the "Chesapeake Bay in John Smith's Time" -- to hang in the office of the Society's headquarters in Richmond, Virginia.

    We think Henry would like this.