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November 2005 Meeting
and Dinner

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   The Fall meeting was held at the Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, Virginia, on 2 Nov. 2005.

    Rav Marshall called the meeting to order, then received reports from the Recording Secretary and the Treasurer.

    After approval of the reports, Rav called upon our two speakers, Paul Snodgrass and Danny McGuire, for presentations about plans for America's 400th birthday.


      Paul Snodgrass gave a brief talk regarding Virginia's "2007 Community Programs", which were created  to commemorate the 400 years since the first permanent English-speaking settlement in America.

      Every 50 years since 1807 there has been special recognition of the importance of Jamestown, with celebrations and special events.  For 2007, there are many people and more than 100 communities in Virginia implementing ideas for legacies and special events to enhance the awareness and importance of Jamestown.

      For additional information about the community programs, visit web site www.jamestown2007.org.

Paul is Chairman of the "Virginia 2007 Community Program Committee" for the Town of Vienna. 


Danny McGuire, past National Governor,  then discussed the planning by the National Jamestowne Society, for America's 400th birthday.  Plans aren't quite final, so they cannot be posted yet.  We'll add the link to the final plans as soon as it's available.

As mentioned by our National Governor, Anne Netick -- in the October 2005 issue of the Jamestowne Society newsletter -- we, the Jamestowne Society, will have a presence on Jamestown Island during the Commemorative weekend. 


Company officers for the next term -- left to right:
Rachel Wills, Everard Munsey, Betsy Smith, Roberta Carter, Rav Marshall, Dorothy Werner,
Jacque-Lynne Schulman, Henry Mackall, Lucy Blundon

After the meeting, we enjoyed a delicious dinner in the Fort Richardson Room, at ANCC
Click here for "after dinner" pictures