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Jamestowne Society
   (the national site)
 Governor Nancy M. Redman Hill
 Lt Governor Priestley "Pete" Toulmin
 Treasurer Kathryn (Kate) Zabriskie
 Recording Secretary Angela Hill
 Corresponding Secretary Staci-Jill Burnley
 Registrar Louise Venable Roberts Price
 Historian St. Julien Ravenel "Rav" Marshall
Councilors  Jacque-Lynne Amann Schulman,  
     Past WNV Governor
Rachel Lotterhos Wills
Josef Ruth
Bonnie Duncan
Jerry W. Zillion
                                (Not pictured:  Pete Toulmin, Staci-Jill Burnley, Jerry Zillion)

        The Washington and Northern Virginia Company is proud that several of our
         Company members have previously served -- or, are currently serving --
         in the top echelon of the National society:
                 Jerry William Zillion, Governor
                 Charles Danny McGuire, Governor (deceased)
                 Henry Clinton Mackall, Governor (deceased)
                 John Marshall, Lt. Governor
                 Margaret MacKenzie, Historian
                 Jacque-Lynne Schulman, Registrar
                 Jacque-Lynne Schulman, Councilor (Current)
                 Nancy Hill, Councilor (Current)

        Past Governors of the Washington and Northern Virginia Company:

         Jacque-Lynne Amann Schulman 2013-2017
         Danny McGuire 2011-2012
         Betsy Graves Smith 2008-2010
         St. Julien R. Marshall, Jr. 1989-2007
         Henry C. Mackall 1987-1988

         Herschel H. Helm

         Miss Eloise Page 1970-1977

         Mrs. Merillat Moses

         Francis W. Hill 1968-1969

         Cornelia Magruder Bowie

      1959-1967         Founder and Organizer